We Detailed a Minivan in Fairfax, VA!

People buy minivans for comfort, safety, and fuel-economy. Getting the kids to school and then running about doing errands? Minivans are perfect for that sort of thing. But with much kids comes much cleaning.

This customer just got back from a little summer vacation and there was sand all over the interior. Sand, being one of the hardest abrasives around, will also scratch up the exterior, so this was a major concern of theirs.

How does it look? Post-vacation? Or post-purchase? I think we definitely managed to make it look the latter. interior detailing car detailing mobile auto detailing van detailing auto detailing

We Went Out and Detailed a Car in North Potomac, MD!

Constantly maintaining your car is key to keeping it looking good for longer. We were called out to do some regular cleaning on this sleek and classy gold Honda Accord. The exterior is well taken care of, and we cleaned the cockpit. It looks and feels like a driver compartment for a VIP; and we definitely think all our customers deserve to be treated like VIPs!

Here are some pictures of the gorgeous car!

autodetailing mobiledetailing sharpdetail

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