We Detailed an Electric Car in Washington, DC!

Electric cars are often thought as the future of transportation, and we agree! No gas emissions, better torque and technology that pushes what we can do with our cars. We just need to get around the issue of constantly having to charge it for a while, as opposed to just chugging in some gas and going.

This customer is a regular, and just got his new Tesla Model S, and tours it all over. After almost every long ride, he gives us a call and has his car detailed with us, and we get it looking like it’s straight from the showroom once more.

Look at that electric (pun intended) shade of blue though!

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We Detailed a BMW in Sterling, VA!

We take a lot of pride in our detailers and how thorough they are, both inside and out. We understand that your car is important to you, and therefore it’s also important to us. Take a look at this BMW we did a few days ago. Our detailer made sure to get even into those hard-to-reach places and do a fantastic job on this customer’s car.

Do you like what we did? The customer sure did!


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We Detailed a Truck in McLean, VA

They say bigger is better, and this Ford F350 certainly is much bigger than what we usually do, but we were certainly up for the challenge! Regardless of size, our detailer got through to every nook and cranny and cleaned the truck, inside and out. This was our Signature service, and we got that large beast all shiny as requested.

She looks mighty, and she looks fine.
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We Just Detailed at Centerville, VA!

For many of us, SUVs are workhorses. Taking kids to school, getting to work, and doing groceries and errands just a few of the many uses we have for the sport utility vehicle class. Because of this, they’re more prone to staining and damage, inside and out.

This customer had that very concern. After the detailing, he was extremely happy with how we made the light scratches on his Toyota Rav4 go away, and dealt with the staining.

Oh, and we’ve always had a soft spot for gunmetal grey paint on a car.


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We Detailed a Car in Alexandria, VA!

When you’ve got deep scratches you want gone, most people repaint the portion. But what if the newly repainted part isn’t as shiny as the stock paintjob? You call a detailer! The owner of this Lexus had scratches on his door, and had them repainted, but they just didn’t match the shine of the rest of the car. We got him scheduled for a Premium Detail and he definitely got what he paid for; buffing, waxing and more. He even tipped our detailer for a job well done!

As a token of our gratitude for choosing and trusting us, we’ve sent him discount coupons for his next detail with us.

We love that shine! How about you?auto detailing

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