We Detailed A Sports Car at Washington, DC!

This is our second Mercedes sports car this month! These sleek 2-doors look great, and look better after a little detailing love from our detailers. This particular one is in white, and the owner wanted something basic just to get the paint really shiny again. Like the age-old adage, regular maintenance is key to a car looking good longer!

How do you like the detailing we did?

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We Just Detailed at Centerville, VA!

For many of us, SUVs are workhorses. Taking kids to school, getting to work, and doing groceries and errands just a few of the many uses we have for the sport utility vehicle class. Because of this, they’re more prone to staining and damage, inside and out.

This customer had that very concern. After the detailing, he was extremely happy with how we made the light scratches on his Toyota Rav4 go away, and dealt with the staining.

Oh, and we’ve always had a soft spot for gunmetal grey paint on a car.


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