Mobile car detail in Alexandria VA!

We were called out to do a Car Detailing in Alexandria yesterday, for two beautiful cars. The owner had just wanted a regular cleaning since she, like many people did not have the time to do it herself. She ordered a premium service however and she got a premium result, along with our 40% off one car multi discount!

Below are the pictures of her GMC Acadia and her Lexus ES350



Car detailing in Alexandria, VA

Did a car detailing in Alexandria, VA yesterday for a customer looking to move overseas.

Since this particular customer was moving away he wanted his cars detailed before selling them. The cars were a beautiful 2004 Acura TL and a handsome 2011 Honda Odyssey.

Since he called in for two cars we offered him our two car discounts that goes for 40% off of one car.

Check out the pictures below and see for yourself how gorgeous his cars are.



Car detailing in Alexandria, Virginia

It’s been a cold couple of days and we were able to detail this beautiful 2010 Ford Escape in Alexandria, VA just before the weather turned bad again.

Our customer wanted two cars detailed so we had to come back another day when the right weather conditions presented itself. It is important for any detailing company to keep track of temperatures and weather patterns throughout the day and we at Sharp detail take this very seriously. Needless to say we got both cars detailed, albeit separately, and the customer was satisfied.

Check the before and after images below!

Car Detailer in Alexandria, VirginiaCar Detailer in Alexandria, Virginia

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