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Before you get in touch with us, take some time to get to know the detailers and the rest of the team! We at Sharp detail always hope to earn the customer’s trust before we detail their cars and we hope this page helps!


Martin Lodiyong
“I’m nothing special, I just like talking and making customers happy”

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Gustavo Guevara
“I’ve changed for the better in the 10 years I’ve been in this country and Sharp Detail helped me change”

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Elvis Kouamegui
“I love looking at the detail I just did and seeing how good it looks. Makes me feel proud”

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Martin Lodiyong 

“I’m nothing special, I just like talking and making customers happy”


Martin is a 47 year old Sudan native. He moved stateside 16 years ago with his family and has been working and living a happy life ever since. He likes to swim with his kids, ride bikes and watch sports. He is also currently taking English classes to continue improving his speaking skills.

Before he worked in Sharp Detail, he worked in a few  jobs as he learned to speak English. He had worked any sort of job he could find, from working in a Walmart stockroom to being a salesman for mattresses and upholstery. During this period of working any job he could find, he found Sharp Detail and 10 years later he has become one of our hardest and most loved workers.

He is a perfectionist at heart, never leaving a job until he feels it is done. He proved this in multiple occasions wherein he spent 7 hours on a detailing that should take 3.

What our customers had to say about Martin:DSC02395

“Martin came on time and worked on my car for the whole day and I got to say from the condition I bought this car in I never thought it would look like showroom new.” – Shabaz Qadri in his Yelp review

“Martin came to my residence, and my car looks better than when I bought it from the dealer. Seriously.” – David Agosto, in his Yelp review

“The detailer, Martin, showed up early, and was professional and courteous and respectful.  He worked his butt off, and my five year old minivan looks brand new!” – Bruce Aboff, in his Yelp review

Gustavo Guevara

“I’ve changed for the better in the 10 years I’ve been in this country and Sharp Detail helped me”

IMG_4995Gustavo Guevara has been working in Sharp Detail for more than 5 years, he is a native of El Salvador and is fluent in both Spanish and English. He moves to the United states 12 years ago doing any job that came along, from being a waiter to working at construction site. He says the first two years of those kind of jobs were hard but after he found Sharp Detail he didn’t want another job. 10 years of working with us and he has become one of our most experienced and efficient detailers. Gustavo utilizes his experience to efficiently use his time when he details and as such sometimes he is able to fully detail 3 cars in a single day.

The best way to explain Gustavo however is in own words: “I can’t describe myself because I am always changing. But I can say that I am a better person now than I was when I first came to this country.”

What our customers had to say about Gustavo:12295450_838641309586958_1068661493149366008_n

“I HIGHLY recommend this company for excellent service and good price.

Seanne was extremely helpful in rescheduling due to weather. Gustavo turned my Daughter’s “Mommy Car” to like new! She will be so excited when she returns from vacation. The service area is wide. They come on time and I can’t speak highly enough for the results. I think everyone should take advantage of this wonderful, stress-free, and high quality mobile service! You won’t regret taking my advice! Thank you Sharp Detail!” – Arlene B, Yelp

“I was really impressed with Sharp Detail. I was pretty much convinced that my car passed the point of no return (it was embarrassingly dirty), but the gentleman who cleaned my car did an amazing job. I am very happy with the service, and I will definitely use your company again. Thank you so much for everything!” –Alena O’Neil, customer survey


Elvis Kouamegui

“I love looking at the detail I just did an seeing how good it looks. Makes me feel proud”   

DSC02402Elvis is one of our newest and happiest detailers. He is a 42 year old Cameroon native and since he was hired he has not disappointed, bringing an Olympic work ethic to the table. He competed in the 1996 Olympics as a boxer, the same olympics what Floyd “Money” Mayweather won his bronze medal in.

He has had a number of jobs over the years after the Olympics: He has worked as a demolitions expert for multiple construction companies and on the complete other side of things, he has also worked as a baker for a couple of years. He had two businesses in the past, a dry cleaners and an electronics shop that he left in Cameroon to find a better life for his family.

After travelling to 62 different countries in the world Elvis joyfully says that he has finally found in America a place he can call home. He says that of all the places he has ever been in, he has never been so welcomed or so free as he is in the states and he is glad that his children’s future will be in this country.

He has a wife and two young kids, an 11 year old daughter and a 2 year old boy. On his free days he spends with time with them. And when he isn’t with his family he takes English classes to better his communication skills.

Elvis takes pride in his work. He loves hearing the customers enjoy the product of his labor and after a long detailing job he is filled with satisfaction after he looks at the car he transformed into looking brand new.

What our customers have to say about Elvis:

DSC02401“Sharp Detail is where I’ll go for all my auto detailing needs! The service exceeded my expectations – Elvis who cleaned my car was awesome. They are very punctual and honored the yelp deal. The car is immaculate and looks like a brand new car. Elvis spent 3 hours cleaning every nook and cranny and was so professional and polite. I will be recommending Sharp Detail to my entire family. I was able to make a seamless appointment and they called to confirm the day before. No doubt this is a top-notch client service.” – Emma G, Yelp

“Elvis was punctual and professional. He did an amazing job cleaning my SUV!” – Nicole Bradley, Follow up email

He was on time (7am) and did a great job on the car. Ask him for the before and after of the interior passenger side door. He was able to fix the heavily stained interior side door. Thanks for a awesome job! – Mathew Stiers

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