Martin Lodiyong

“I’m nothing special, I just like talking and making customers happy”

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Martin is a 47 year old Sudan native. He moved stateside 16 years ago with his family and has been working and living a happy life ever since. He likes to swim with his kids, ride bikes and watch sports. He is also currently taking English classes to continue improving his speaking skills.

Before he worked in Sharp Detail, he worked in a few  jobs as he learned to speak English. He had worked any sort of job he could find, from working in a Walmart stockroom to being a salesman for mattresses and upholstery. During this period of working any job he could find, he found Sharp Detail and 10 years later he has become one of our hardest and most loved workers.

He is a perfectionist at heart, never leaving a job until he feels it is done. He proved this in multiple occasions wherein he spent 7 hours on a detailing that should take 3.

What our customers had to say about Martin:

“Martin came on time and worked on my car for the whole day and I got to say from the condition I bought this car in I never thought it would look like showroom new.” – Shabaz Qadri in his Yelp review

“Martin came to my residence, and my car looks better than when I bought it from the dealer. Seriously.” – David Agosto, in his Yelp review

“The detailer, Martin, showed up early, and was professional and courteous and respectful.  He worked his butt off, and my five year old minivan looks brand new!” – Bruce Aboff, in his Yelp review

Car detailing in Alexandria, VA

We were called to do a Car detailing in Alexandria, VA today.

Our customer searched for Car Detailer in Alexandria, VA and since we are a totally mobile car detailing service he found us. He was very pleased that we came to him and he didn’t have to drive his car into any detailing shop as he had looked for quiet some time for someone who could perform a good car detailing.

His car’s exterior was easy to clean as he had taken good care of it, but his interior was rather messy as it had pet hair all around it. After we had vacuumed every nook and cranny of the car’s interior we had to shampoo the seat covers and carpets as the customer had requested.

The customer rewarded our car detailer with kind words as he was glad to see that we made good on our guarantee of making your car look good as new.


Car detailing in Arlington, VA

Did a Car detailing in Arlington, VA today.

A customer hadn’t detailed his car throughout the whole winter and it was beaten with salt and grime. The customer gave us a call and we drove out to Arlington, VA as soon as we could. The exterior car detailing was the most difficult part of this job as our car detailer had to carefully clean the salts and grime without scratching the surface. This was made easier with our hand-washing method.

If any of you have the same problem of a winter beaten vehicle, whether you are in Arlington, VA or anywhere else in the DC metro area, we come to you!

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