Thank you for fixing the dirt stains that came up on the car seats after you finished! I really appreciate it. The car looks wonderful!
- Audrey Neff 2/28/2015
Martin showed up on time, introduced himself and was very professional. He showed pride in his work and did an excellent job for us. We will definitely recommend you and use you again in the future....
- Sandy Depew 2/20/2015
Both men did a very good job and accommodated our schedules during the workday. Dina was quite professional as well. Overall it was a pleasure having Sharp Detail perform service for us. Keep up the good work!...
- Jeannette Shaver 02/02/2015
The work was excellent and we have recommended you to our friends.
- Steven 6/27/2014

Car Detailing Services

At Sharp Detail we offer three tried and proven services to suit your car's needs, the Full, Premium, and Signature detailing...


We at sharp detail know that detailing your car isn't just cleaning. Detailing your car is restoring it, even lifting it up to...

Our Service Area

 Check out our car detailing service area, if you are within the blue area of the map we can come to you to do a car detailing...

Mobile Car Detailing Service serving the Washington DC Metro Area

The business of Car detailing is treated by others as a seasonal business, so car detailing services are usually short lived, with some detailing services lasting three months to a year. Sharp detail has been the leading mobile car detailing service in the Washington DC Metro area for over 10 years. The reasons for Sharpdetail's long life in the car detailing business can be attributed to a number of factors.

First and foremost of those reasons is that we are a mobile car detailing service, so wherever you are in the DC, Virginia or Maryland area, we can come to your home; or wherever else it is comfortable for you to have a car detailing done. Another reason for our success is that we have a tried and proven hand washing method, a method that demands care and attention to detail from all our car detailers. And finally along with every car detailing service we perform is our guarantee. If you trust us for a car detailing service we guarantee your satisfaction, to the point of coming back to perform a car detailing service again to giving you a free service coupon altogether.

Because of these factors, we are the best Mobile car detailing service, one of the longest Car detailing services and one of the most loved by customers in the DC metro area.

Car detailing in Alexandria, VA


Did a car detailing in Alexandria, VA yesterday for a customer looking to move overseas. Since this particular customer was moving away he wanted his cars detailed before selling them. The cars were a beautiful 2004 Acura TL and a…

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Car detailing in Alexandria, VA


Did a car detailing in Alexandria, VA a couple days ago for one of regulars, Andrea. She has been using us for years and now and has been a loyal customer. We called her up and offered her our new…

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Car detailing in Washington DC


A couple of weeks ago we did a car detailing in Washington DC on this gorgeous Toyota FJ Cruiser for Rachel, one of our regular customers. Rachel has been calling us for years to detail her cars and we thought she…

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Car detailing in Fairfax, VA

Car detailing in Fairfax, VA

We did a car detailing in Fairfax, VA today for this gorgeous pick-up truck. The owner used this car often to transport his dogs back so the car had some mud and per hair on it that we were asked…

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